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   Madden Ultimate Team [17/05/18 03:44AM]   
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Madden Ultimate Team, like its Fifa cousin, has been an immense success for Madden Mobile Coins them and will always be driven by those behind the game because it is now becoming big business. Gone are the days where you buy, complete and discard a game and online gameplay, a possibility thanks to improving internet speeds the world over, and these Ultimate Team products have extended games into year-long endeavours but also immensely profitable output for developers.

That said, Madden 18ís big new arrival is an offline experience in shape of Longshot, a cinematic journey through the lives of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise, two childhood friends who are desperate to make it in the big leagues. There has been no lack of time and effort invested into making this new mode become a reality and the end product is a cinematic, perhaps slightly video-heavy story that is ultimately a refreshing break from the norm.

By delving back into the high school and college games and attributing different storylines to these players, there is huge depth to the game mode and it means we finally see the journey to the draft itself dealt with.




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